One Stop Reporting

One Stop Reporting.

One Stop Reporting.

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Customized reports that presents key figures and important information for your company

Save time by removing manual budget processes with our streamlined budgeting module

Analysis that gives a solid basis for business decisions, derived from insightful facts

Opportunity for the most dedicated accountants and/or largest clients to create their own reports and manage their own budgeting process

OneStop Reporting is designed to be a tool that meets the requirements and needs of an accountant in terms of reporting and budgeting. In addition, OneStop Reporting also covers other areas, such as, forecasting, cash flow, consolidation and KPI reporting.


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OneStop Reporting is a pioneering IT software development company that provides a Business Intelligence (BI) suite of reporting, budgeting and analysis tools for businesses of all sizes and sectors. OneStop Reporting is seamlessly integrated with Visma´s leading ERP-systems.

With its complete, modern Web interface will give your company the ideal enterprise business intelligence platform for better and fast decision-making for everything from forecasts, budgets, reports and analysis.

Through our web portal you get a unique opportunity to keep up to date on important information from your ERP-system – the only tool needed is a web browser. Executed reports are archived for history and comparison, and you can set up automatic distribution of reports to your clients or/and colleagues.  

OneStop Reporting enables users to customize reports on demand, and all data are running from the ERP database. This result is time saved and a big increase in efficiency for an organization's managers, employees and clients.

The solution contains a large number of report- and budget templates, but most important, OneStop Reporting includes an Excel-based Report Designer which makes OneStop Reporting unique compared to other reporting tools on the market. This, in combination with functionality specifically designed to support reporting processes for the financial department, makes OneStop Reporting a powerful and versatile solution.

One Stop Reporting

Excelbaserat rapportverktyg med en molntjänst för visning och distribution av rapporter. Ett verktyg för en van Excelanvändare att bygga egna rapporter. Är integrerad med samtliga Visma-system.
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OneStop Reporting

Vi tillhandahåller rapporterings- och analysverktyg skräddarsydda för små och stora företag. Oavsett om du behöver ett enda rapporteringsverktyg eller avancerad rapportering och analys, har vi lösningar för detta.

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